WoW Realm Status


== UPDATE == June 5, 2011

This project is on hold. Since the start of Cataclysm. I’ve stopped playing WoW since February 2011 and I don’t know if I want to go back to it.

If you wish this project to continue, you can start by donating any amount:

== April 2, 2010 ==

My first desktop application. Ok, just a background for you guys this is my first desktop application; I am a simple web designer that just loves to try out different things; and this is one of them. When boredom creeps in… I become creative (well, most of the time they are non-productive) but creative never-the-less, I’ve done something that I would like to share.

I started this WOWRSC last March 30.

For those who already heard of this application and it out, I’d like to say thank you!

Since this is my first application, expect to check out this blog page for new updates.  The application is very simple, it doesn’t look up any files in your computer and it only connects to the World of Warcraft Realm Status RSS feed. There’s a minimize and a close button. The list refreshes every one minute. At first there’s a force refresh but it got a little buggy and consumed too much resources so I had to let that go.

If anyone wants to help me out with this project, I am happy to get any form of help.

  • Author: Diwa G. Fernandez
  • Download size: 369 KB (377,887 bytes)
  • Dependencies: Adobe Air Runtime
  • Website: Visit Here

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