WP: Change the Author Slug to Nickname

I noticed that when you click on the author’s name on wordpress that the url uses the user’s “slug” which makes me feel a bit iffy since there are a lot of hackers going about. So, I wondered how to avoid the “slug” on the url. I was thinking at first if I could change the […]

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Quick Tip: Viewport Meta Tag

To enable or force a site’s certain layout on their mobile browsers use the “viewport” meta tag. Here are sample screenshots of my wedding site viewed on mobile Safari to show the extent capability of the viewport. The exact code I added in the header was: <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=1600″ /> More tutorial on the viewport […]

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LESS Compiler

.LESS and Bootstrap has been the mostly used css for web developers all around the world. LESS helps built CSS faster and more efficient. Although, using actual .LESS on websites may not be the best for optimization, it is still better to just use CSS on live websites. Thankfully, there are compilers being shared for front-end developers like myself. […]

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