Malicious redirects

I noticed that my site’s shared link is doing a conditional redirect to the URL *, I did some digging and it was a php hack (and most likely) from a plugin or a free theme you downloaded through the admin page. The hack was done with something like this: eval(base64_decode(“DQplcnJvcl9RpbmcoMCk7DQokcWF6cGxt…(snipped a bit)…mlnbm9yZWxpc3QuYeGl0KCk7DQp9Cn0NCn0NCn0NCn0=”)); Start by checking for “eval(base64_decode” your files then the common files […]

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LESS Compiler

.LESS and Bootstrap has been the mostly used css for web developers all around the world. LESS helps built CSS faster and more efficient. Although, using actual .LESS on websites may not be the best for optimization, it is still better to just use CSS on live websites. Thankfully, there are compilers being shared for front-end developers like myself. […]

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