Rarely do I rant out in a post directly because of an experience but now, now was horrid.

I’ve heard stories about Globe’s customer service. And experienced just a bit of it.

Globe Customer Support Mobile Number : 211

10349074_10152490759743126_7930863611194086566_n Globe Customer Support Mobile Number : 211

However, today takes the cake.

At first I was inquiring about any promo that would extend the size of my daily mobile browsing limits due to the Fair Use Policy. And the agent proceeds to tell me the different plans I can avail of. If she bothered looking at the account, she’d see it was a tattoo account.

So, I proceed to ask her if she understood my question and she says yes so I ask her to repeat and explain my question. Which she can’t seem to do. She keeps muting the phone after every time I correct her. I used to work in a call center myself and I asked her not to mute the phone. She then goes quiet a while and then repeats three times that she can’t hear me and she has to end the call. So, I raise my voice (so loud the guy outside our door jumps and rushes away) and she hesitates as if shocked or something (likely, she heard me) and proceeds to say again she can’t hear me and drop the call.

But that’s not the worst part. I place another call, and ask for a supervisor because honestly, I’m pissed. I tell the next girl to give me to a supervisor and not to mute or hold the call. I’ll wait. So she takes off her headset and puts it down (at least that’s what it sounds like). It’s now been more than 40 minutes and I’m still waiting for a supervisor. I hope it’s the god damned president they put on if they make me wait that long. Mind, I had dinner, talked to an officemate about work all the time making the occasional hello.

I could hear some background sounds, people chatting, laughing, and moving around. Approximately 43 minutes later the supervisor answers and basically resolves my call. (By the way, there is no way to increase your cap even by paying extra). Also, according to his knowledge, I was waiting for only 10 to 15 minutes. So, I ask to file a complaint.

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