I am a freelance web designer that currently does not have a permanent address. Thus, I rely mostly on your Tattoo Superstick service. My husband and I had to move to Cebu since he was reassigned by his company and given that I am a freelancer, as long as I have a decent internet connection I can deal with the move.

Now, ever since you enforced the so-called “Fair Use Policy” for all subscribers, I have patiently tried to monitor my daily usage. After about 6 days, I noted that I only consume about 500mb a day. That is without streaming videos and downloading, and minimal use of Facebook, around 5 minutes of checking every few hours. I close the Facebook page after I do so to prevent background streaming. I play an online game for a few hours using less than 200mb for the entire usually broken period. This is monitored by resetting the router and measuring the volume of data. The rest is email, which is mostly text with occasional small MS Word or Excel based attachments and a bit of surfing for research in which I verify my coding and update myself on changes. I’ve turned off automatic updates on my applications and games to let nothing sneak past me.

In less than a week, the internet began to throttle to the point that I can barely check my email and my website, much less upload updates.  I have a deadline on a project before March and I can’t even finish it because it needs online testing.

Your system transfers the connection to a 2G network in which your statement says is still unlimited. However, the 2G network that you have seems obsolete as it cannot handle even the simplest of modern websites. This makes it useless. I’m not sure how it fits with the service level agreement in which you cannot provide the service for even 25% of the time.

My husband was the one who signed up, as he was here earlier before I was able to move my stuff. However, it should be I who funds the internet as I’m the one using it. He’s taken to keeping his Steam Offline and playing outside the internet. He uses a company issued internet connection for his email and other work related items. He no longer connects his work laptop to the Superstick.

Six days for a whole month, and the service plan is supposed to be Unlimited up to 7mbps. We’ve never hit that cap or even gotten 150kbps as per the Superstick speed monitor. I cannot understand how 1gb a day or 3gb a month is fair use, given that with regular use it won’t last a week.  I can survive with the FU Policy as long as I can still do my work. Now, if I can’t deliver my work, I don’t get my “paycheck” and if I don’t get my paycheck? I can’t pay you.

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  1. Chee. My boyfriend got their wireless modem thing and it’s been a week and it’s still not working. Meanwhile, my Sun portable wifi is doing pretty well. I bring it with me when I want to check emails or Facebook and don’t want to use expensive Globe 3G. Gr.

  2. Hey Diwa!

    Just want you to know that I shared your article on my wall. But for some reason, some of the people on my list are commenting that they are not able to view this blog through the shared link… it leads to an “ignorelist.com” website.

    Not sure what’s going on here, but one commentator did mention that they were Globe users…

    • I was using a globe line and yes, I got redirected to ignorelist.com as well. I don’t get it. I changed to sun and now I’m able to see the page. either the website blocks globe users or globe blocks this page.

  3. Globe’s fair use policy is the reason I switched to Smart -had been a Globe user – phone then internet, for 10 years before the switch. Hindi perfect ang Smart. Minsan mabagal din. Kung minsan walang signal. But over-all, I’d say it is 5x better service than Globe. Konting pang inggit lang, I’m using the old original stick, hindi pa nag-switch sa LTE, I sometimes get 4 mbps (usually in the mornings). I can download 4 movies a day on piratebay, while doing all my online rackets.

    • Unfortunately for me, I am stuck with Globe for another year and a half because of their contract. A lot has said that Sun here in Cebu is terrible especially in my location. Also, smart is not very reliable in terms of signal. When we signed up with Globe, I was happy until they enforced the FU policy.

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