WARNING: This article may contain some SPOILERS and opinions that may or may not the same to your liking.

My first impression when I read someone asking me “Ready for Skyrim?” I said, “what the heck is that about?“. All the questions poured out like water in a faucet. Is it worth it? Is it better than Dragon Age? Is it better than Witcher 2? I asked a lot of questions to my friends who already has the game and since most of them are the ones who influenced me on playing Dragon Age; their opinions matter.

I went to a local game store and straight to a near by sales clerk. I asked for the game and the way he pronounces the game made me want to slap my forehead. He pronounced it as the word “scream” so instead I corrected him. SKY – RIM. To be honest the first time I saw the word “skyrim” it made me think twice on how to read it. Luckily, I saw the trailer on YouTube. Anyway, moving forward.

The intro was really interesting as they start involving you to the story without knowing anything about who you are or the history of why you are there in the first place. It felt like the Witcher 2 but better graphics and nothing intense until you find something or something found you.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Character Creation)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Character Creation)

I was a bit surprised with the character creation, there is a vast selection of races. The only bias opinion that I have about the races is that I didn’t like the way they created Elves. Thanks to JR Tolkien that my vision of elves should be as what he describes even though we all know they are not. (Elves should be beautiful!) So, I ended up being an Imperial race that I happen to make her look almost like Angelina Jolie (almost). I don’t want to spend too much time on picking the look of my character but apparently there is an impact on what kind of race you chose. One of my friend chose to be an Orc.

The gameplay is pretty hard without a gamepad and I don’t use gamepads most of the time. This game is making me frustrated and die a lot. I’m only in the normal mode but I have to give props on that since they are trying to make the game feel realistic. You can sneak behind enemies, pick lots, cook meals, craft your own armor, etc.skyrim

What I meant by realistic is that there is no skill bar or quick slots for your skills or powers. There’s no other way to quickly switch weapons. There is no easy way to drink potions when your health is almost down for the count. The screen would shake and blur with your character got hit depending on how hard the attack was; You would have to open your inventory as quick as possible to use potions, cast scroll spells, and switch weapon. There’s no auto target; no target lock;

Now that I think about it, this game is pretty much hard-core and I’m starting to like it. My opinion about the game play is that they manage to do all those things but there’s no “duck and roll” action or climb for that matter. While playing this game, I keep shaking my head thinking that if this game is real I would already be dead or screaming in the corner of a burning hut as the dragon swarms around the village.

All in all, if you’re into hard-core medieval/fantasy games you guys should just try Skyrim and maybe you’ll like it.

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