For some time now, I watched videos from TotalBiscuit and from Yogscast of their game play in GW2 and been trying to complete the achievements in HOM (Hall of Monuments) when I find a free time. I might be bias about GW2 (Guild Wars 2) because of the years of waiting for it to arrive and my eagerness to get the game. I was so giddy to get a pre-purchase and the decision to get the Deluxe Edition instead of the Collector’s Edition became easy when I found that I am not able to get the CE for pre-purchase since there is no shop here in the Philippines that offers its availability.

So, I was able to get in the game that I’ve been waiting for almost 5 years and when the first BWE (Beta Weekend Event) arrived, I tried creating different professions. Aside from the lag, I like the parts where ArenaNet maintained the character’s introduction from the first Guild Wars. I had a hard time deciding which profession to use since there’s no longer a monk in GW2 but despite my fondness of being a healer and how I take pride of being a good one (especially when I played World of Warcraft for almost four years), I found myself loving the mechanics of a hunter in GW2.

Where in the world can you find a hunter wielding a great sword? I asked myself. How cool is that?


I had a facepalm moment when someone yelled “Heal!” in public when I was at the shadow behemoth world event. I love how the dodge works and if you’re playing mass effect 3, you won’t have a problem adjusting to it. You can’t just walk backwards while attacking. Walking backward is still at the mob’s line of attack and always time your strafed. If the enemy is running towards you, you don’t just run away you time it and then dodge.

Anyone can revive without cost. If you think you are safe enough to revive a fellow player revive them quickly, do not worry about not being the last person to kill the mob/boss. It’s not a contest. I am still a little confused with the death penalty on when it disappears or how badly it affects my character when killed multiple times.

The currency seems to be a little hard to gain from the start especially if you want to start crafting early in the game. Saving currency picks up as you get into a higher level.

While leveling in the game, I decided to join in the pvp regardless of my current level in the PVE area. The moment I set foot in the arena, my level was boosted up to maximum level and was provided with sets of PVP armor and weapons.

I’m glad to see that GW2 created some sort of balancing system that will ask you whether you’d like to switch teams or not. I took my chance to join the other team and was happy that I did.

I managed to keep and defend the clock tower for a few minutes and gained some point to the team. As expected from Guild Wars, the PVP area is really exciting but it does not drown my attention to want to continue the PVE aspect of the game, although in the beta, the story line of your character stops at level 20. I’m actually fine with that, more anticipation once the game is officially released.

The level of difficulty is pretty good. I love the challenge and the controls was easy to adapt to as far as I am concern. I’ll probably stick with the human race when the game is release and will check the other races once I reach max level and have nothing else to do.

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