So, I recently posted a raffle on my tumblr account and did a live stream of the draw.

draggy-s was the first one to respond on what request she wanted. I hope this is, as I quote “kingly and dapper and all sorts of hot” for her.

I changed Alistair’s clothes/armor into something more fashionable and what I think is kingly and kept some of the essential details from Cailan’s armor in dragon age: origin.

As for Sebastian, I changed his inner jack into a robe along with the hood. I also changed the chest armor into a piece that will not be a hindrance for the robe while keeping the chain-mail and, of course, the belt with Andraste’s face.

Regarding their look, I think Alistair couldn’t possibly give a -uhm- how do you say melting kind of stare? He’s too kind and innocent but he’d give you those puppy eyes kind of look. Sebastian, I think, has the ability to use his charms… knowing that he’s been whoring at the age of 13, correct?

In any case, I had fun with this request. I love these two and got me excited to draw it. I said I was going to sleep before doing it but I end up drawing anyway.