Chubby Mad Shark

Chubby Mad Shark

[bs_lead]My hubby requested a drawing of a “chubby shark”. My first thoughts about it was a shark sitting lazily on a couch. Then he described that he wants the shark to look cute and hungry and not too lazy.[/bs_lead]

I made a quick doodle and first outcome was this image on the right; the attempt to look cute is misplaced. Why? The emotion I was having affected the shark’s expression. As always, Globe’s internet is immensely slowing down since last month (slower than usual).

I can rant all day about the internet but nothing’s going to change. Going back to the drawing board and re-drew him to actually look cute and I had to get rid of my mind straight.

Chubby Shark

Though, I think I went too far on thinking of happy thoughts. 😉

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