Web Designer; front-end developer; kicked out from Hogwarts; left in some unknown planet by the Enterprise (but I think it was Q who did it)

Chubby Sharks

Currently putting some time aside to learn the program called Unity. I was watching their tutorial on making a Flappy bird clone and I made something similar. Called it Chubby Sharks. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on mobile since the WebGL is limited. I’ll probably improve the Chubby Shark more as time permits. Enjoy!   P.S. […]

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Mikumi Guynemer

A fan art of Mikumi Guynemer from the anime series Macross Δ (Delta). The moment she sang the song いけないボーダーライン [マクロスΔ] – arrange cover by HINA, I just couldn’t help myself but feel the excitement and the power of the song. A sense of hope, coupled with macross fighters reminded me of my childhood days when I first […]

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Baby Yoda Beanie

From the popular Star Wars series, this crochet commission started a few days ago from a friend who is expecting a new member to their rebel alliance very soon! Welcome to the Force! This beanie is made for 0-6months old from 100% monaco acrylic yarn.

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