Vtuber Commission Terms of Service

Getting Started

If you want a custom 2D VTuber, you’ve come to the right place.

Be familiar with the Vtube Studio program and test it on your computer before getting a commission, the artist is not liable should the program not run well on your hardware.

Be aware of your streaming platform’s attire policy: [Twitch] [Youtube]

Your character is called a model. It can be drawn in any art program as long as it can be exported or saved as a PSD file. The rigging program we use is called Live2d Cubism.

Design Discussion

Fill up and submit the commission form. We [the artist] will contact you and arrange a discussion. This can be done either via email or Discord.

Please be prepared with relevant details. So, ask yourself at least these questions:

  • Is it a half-body or full-body?
  • Will there be any features like floating objects around the model?
    • Think about key features of your model and how your model would look in movement.
    • Please note that there may be limitations to what you want, so be sure to discuss this extensively.
    • What kind of animation do you want to be added?
  • What kind of emote do you want to have? For example:
    • 💢Angry,💧sweat drop, blush, etc.

Depending on the details, there may be some additional costs. This is the time to finalize the elements you want for your model. Please be aware that additions may take more time.

Payment Method

After the discussion, We will send an invoice via Paypal.

The invoice can be paid in half or in full.

Once the payment is sent, We will proceed to draw the model.

If there are any additional changes after the initial payment, We will discuss it, and depending on the complexity, additional charges will be sent as another invoice or a link using ‘PayPal.me/dnbdesigns

Drawing & Modeling

The model art must be drawn in a specific way, this will be discussed at your discretion during the discussion phase. The canvas size will be at least 5,000 pixels tall.

For updates, you can watch me over on Twitch.

If and when the client is not able to watch the stream, We will send screenshot updates of the commission.

Rigging & Animating

At this point, we will no longer entertain changes or additional features to the model. Please be aware of this when you approve the model for rigging.

tracking & testing

During this phase, the final payment (if applicable) and further charges due to additional features, changes, et. al. will be due. We will be fine-tuning the model’s rigging & animation. Once it’s passed our QA, we will send the files over to you.


Fill out the form.